Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still Vine Yoke Cardigan

There have been many inquiries about my mod for the sleeves, so I decided to put some of my notes here . I hope it will help. There are many ways to do short rowing, I am sure, but this works for me, so here goes.

I cast on 52 sts for the sleeve, according to the gauge of the  sweater body.
Knit one row.
RS: knit until 12 sts before Vine border at cuffs, W & T
       Knit until 10 sts before then W & T
       Knit until 8 sts before Vine then W & T

So this is a total of 8 rows. Then I repeat the short rows, starting with 8 rows left for the other side of the sleeve in the reverse order . In doing this, I keep track of the starting and ending rows of the Vine pattern so that when I am ready to pick up the stitches for the body, it will be the same at the yoke and the border.

The number of sts and short rowing works for my size, but you can decide to add or subtract to them.

One thing to keep in mind is whatever you decide to do with one sleeve, keep detailed notes because you will need to repeat the same for the 2nd sleeve.


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