Thursday, October 29, 2009

My trip to Yarn Heaven

Well first, the trip through Connecticut to the Webs yarn store took much longer than we anticipated, but overall it was a blessing in disguise. If we had more time to spend at Webs, the damage would have been  much more than it already was.

Webs yarn store was about 45 minutes from Hartford where the Stitches Convention was located. So Thursday morning at 10:30, with my brother in law (bless him) at the wheel, my two sisters and I took off for Webs. The 4 hour trek turned into 7 hour agony due to traffic on the Connecticut freeway. I was ready to beg for the store to let us in, but lucky for us they open late until 8 that night.

It is so true when they say the store is a destination in itself. Even spending two hours there, I am sure we missed a lot of things because I kept saying for days after, "Oh, no, I forgot to look for..."

The place is full of yarn and anything you can think of related to yarn. I could see myself in that store all day, eating my breakfast, lunch and dinner with the yarn.

This is the front of the store.

And as if that is not enough, the backroom where shelves after shelves of  bargain yarn make you squeal. My brain has never been challenged as much since elementary school because I felt a need to come up with a project for each of the yarn I touched.

If you ever in the Northhampton, Mass. area, you have to put this store on your must visit list. The staff  was very gracious and knowledgeable. You can tell instanly that they love working here (who would not). 

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