Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Madelinetosh Madness

It has been some months since I stumbled onto this new yarn. I must say that I seem to have caught what they call "Madtosh Fever". To really get an idea how serious it is, check out the Madtosh Lovers Group on Ravelry.

Anyway, after I finished my first Madelinetosh Tea Leaves cardigan, I was impressed how little, if at all, the yarn has pilled. In the past, I have never bought or used the same yarn  in projects consecutively like I did with Madelinetosh. Even if I am not bored or dissatisfied with the yarn, I am so ready to try something else because ...life is too short not to knit with new yarn. 

But not this time.

Their colors are fabulous, but that is not unusual with a hand dyed yarn. I can name a few of my other favorites, all with stunning colors, like Blue Moon fiber Arts, Lorna's Laces, etc. ... But I think with Madelinetosh, the shades are more vibrant, more intense - for me at least.

So I am hooked. I started with the Merino DK, from left to right, Composition Book Grey, Grove, Thunderstorm, Tart, Mourning Dove.

Then I  accumulated some Socks (Mourning Dove), pile on Silk Fig), have to have Vintage (Mulled Wine) and finally stalked Eyre Light (Tart), not yet available, on the Etsy shop.

Monday, January 25, 2010

I am ba...ack

Wow, it was October when I last visited my blog. Where was I? What have I been up to?  Let's see...a lot of things but I will just summarize.

Since then, I (we, my husband, kids and I) hosted a sit-down dinner party for 18 in early November. Then we had a few families, 17 people, for Thanksgiving Dinner. That was followed by our Boulder Knitting Collective Ravelry group's Christmas party.

On the knitting side, I finished a few gifts (hand warmers galore...), three sweaters, shawls, scarves, legwarmers...

Along the way, I found my "new love" Madelinetosh yarn.

I love this yarn, merino DK, which I just bought because the color called out to me at Stitches East 2009. Little did I know that I stumbled on a gold mine, sort of. The yarn is so hard to come by, especially if you want to have enough for a sweater. It has a very nice lofty bounce, typical of merino wool, but without the pilling.

I just finished knitting Melissa La Barre's Tea Leaves cardigan with this yarn. I want my next sweater to be this yarn, but I guess I have to wait for Webs to restock it in my preferred colors.

To see pictures of the Tea Leaves cardigan in this beautiful yarn, click to the Ravelry project