Thursday, September 10, 2009

Knit Nite

Last night we had a huge turnout at Barnes and Noble. I hope we were not too loud for the regular crowd there. It was so much fun to see everyone's projects. And we were all amazed, as usual, at how fast Amy can knit. She had a ton of baby bibs whipped out in a week's time. And she is knitting a sample sweater for Malabrigo at the same time. She reminds me of my sister who lives on the East Coast. My sister started the Vine Cardigan two weeks after mine and last night I learned that she only needed to sew the buttons on. And, by the way, they both hold down a job, accountants by day, knitters extraordinaire by nights. Sigh! If only I did not eat and sleep like those two, I would accomplish more.

I also very lucky to have two sisters who love to knit. The three of us will make our annual trek to the Stitches Convention, this time in Connecticut in October. Details to follow, of course!

The finished product

The sweater is finally done. I brought it to the Knit Nite last night (details to follow). I think I am most proud of the buttons my daughter helped pick out at Elfriede's. They are copper colored and have a dragon in the middle.

I am a firm believer in blocking and this one really pays off. I was a bit skeptical and worried that the Vine at the bottom would not look right. I even pulled my stitches real tight, but it still looked wavy. I panicked for a minute, but after I lightly wet blocked it, it stayed flat and nice .