Thursday, August 27, 2009

The day after Purl Knit Cafe

It just dawned on me  that how much PKC really means to me when someone said to me : " you were only at PKC for a few days a week anyway". Three days, to be exact, or a mere 15 hours. That is all the time I could spend there without neglecting my family, my dog and my friends.

I am sure they do not agree because everyone who knows me will tell you that my work did not stop there. I would happily work on some samples for the shop, planning classes, etc. at all times of the day (yes, exploding hard boiled eggs happened more often than my kids can remember). Then I get on the phone and chat with my two knitting sisters who I wish would lived here so we can start a store called "My three sisters knit" (seriously).  I probably bored my non knitting friends when all conversations turned into a yarn story. They all stayed away from me or pretended not to see me at the grocery stores in fear that I would talk them into taking up knitting. And my knitting friends carefully picked the day to come in PKC when I was not there. Trying to be polite, they cannot bring themselves to refuse to touch the new yarn I just got in and ended up walking out with one.

It has been a really fantastic run of a year and a half for me. I met so many interesting and talented people, and some will remain my friends for a long time.  I learned to "branch out" on my tastes like the time I forced  myself to use certain ugly yarn with some crazy patterns just so people would buy them. And often I was pleasantly surprised with the result. So, just as I always believe... there is no such a thing as ugly yarn.

Speaking of making friends, we have a group of wonderful knitters that get together every Wednesday night. We talk, knit, and admire each others' projects (that is the most fun for me). With PKC gone, this group will be my lifeline!

OK, so that is it! I will post some pictures of my current projects soon. TTFN!

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